Auspicious new beginnings…

Dear readers,

This is it! The day has come, the beginning of a journey, a brand new peregrination. I am but a pilgrim standing on the precipice of uncertainty. Where this road will take me, I do not know. Success? Failure? The London Symphony Orchestra? …the Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra? How ever long the road, however arduous, however painfully dissonant or sweetly beautiful, I bid you to join me and follow me across the plains of progression. I bid you to comment and share your thoughts on how one can gain mastery over such a simple and yet intricate instrument of unrivalled elegance.

Below is my first video. This day marks the day I held the instrument in my arms and uttered those first felicitous words of music. What you are about to see and hear when you click the link below (because I know you will), what you are about to bear witness to – if you can bear it, is not melodic poetry. In contrary, it is a school boy’s first broken sentences, an infant’s first stumbling steps, a new born’s first gasps of air.

Today is the day I invite you on a journey.

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